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Practices are constantly looking for ways to better connect with employees. Engaged employees are more loyal, productive, and create a better experience for patients. Besides offering traditional benefits, retirement options, and paid leave, there are some simple engagement tools available that can have a significant outcome for both the practice and the employees. One of the most effective and efficient additions would be offering an employee assistance program, or EAP.

EAP’s are an affordable option for employers and provide their employees with mental health support for themselves and their families.  At no cost to the employee, they have 24/7/365 access to professionals who can confidentially assist them with a variety of mental health services, including (but not limited to) depression, anxiety, and financial or family challenges. The need for these kinds of services has never been greater given the increasingly complex life stresses with which individuals today are dealing. Providing an EAP helps employers point employees to a qualified resource to help them with these kinds of disruptive issues to get immediate help. There’s a benefit to employers too as providers and administrators often find themselves dealing with issues that are better addressed by a professional counselor, so an EAP can relieve the burden of not knowing where or how to guide employees when mental health issues arise. The outcome is greater peace of mind and more time focused on productive functions rather than being consumed by additional stresses.

When looking for a good EAP, find out how those services are delivered. A good EAP provider will offer high-touch, in-person and digital services to make it convenient for employees. Look for one with a qualified and robust network of counselors that has a strong local presence.  Some EAP’s also have support services for the practice such as workplace consulting and other leadership training tools. The cost is reasonable, usually a small cost per employee per month and sometimes will include discounts if the practice sponsors a medical plan.

Sponsoring an EAP is an effective way to show commitment to your most valuable asset, your employees. Doing so can create a happier culture, more efficiencies, and enhanced patient experience. For more information, or to learn about many other employee engagement tools that are available to practices, you can reach out to Doug Hartley at Resource Management, Inc.