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Employee Scheduling Software: Benefits of Using Resource Management

  • Employee Scheduling Software can save you time and prevent unnecessary costs associated with inefficient human resource management.
  • Scheduling software gives employees control over tasks and workdays, increasing job satisfaction.
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Managing a business requires multiple processes, including administrative tasks that can consume significant time and distract you from your core operations. Consequently, you may hire personnel you don’t need or waste your resources, which can result in increased costs in the future. There are many ways to organize your shift-working or multi-tasking team. But the most effective is Employee Scheduling Software.

In this article, you will discover the advantages of switching to this software and how Resource Management can help you improve the management of your employees.

What Is Employee Scheduling Software?

No matter your company’s size, creating a schedule that works well for all your employees and shift requirements is arduous and time-consuming. Manual methods generate errors and waste valuable time. Investing in employee scheduling software is the best solution to your problem.

Employee scheduling software is a workforce management platform that helps owners and managers manage their workers by automating the schedule creation process, producing consistent results, managing labor costs, increasing productivity, and improving workforce satisfaction.

This software allows you to assign shifts, create tasks, control time worked, and more. The objective of this type of software is for workers to have more control over their tasks and their workday, allowing managers to concentrate on more productive tasks and not delay or slow down work due to planning problems.

For example, organizations that use employee scheduling software drive 30% faster schedule creation and reduce scheduling errors by 55%.

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Employee Scheduling Software’s Benefits

There are numerous reasons to implement this software in your organization. Each business has different purposes and requirements for its use, but everyone can find great advantages in its implementation. These are some of the advantages and benefits of the software:

  1. Shift planning: This is the most obvious reason companies use this system. Arriving at work without being aware of the tasks that need to be performed reduces productivity, and employees can lose up to 50% of their time at work if they do not have a well-structured schedule.
  2. Employee availability: Employees’ ability to manage their schedules is crucial to avoid conflicts or shifts without assigned workers. This makes it easier to coordinate replacements or visualize the status of tasks to plan for the future. This software also allows you to see the assigned shifts or tasks in case an unforeseen event occurs, and a worker does not arrive that day and adjust accordingly.
  3. Time and attendance tracking: There are jobs where it is essential to have clear control of the hours worked and who has done it since this can affect shifts and projects. Likewise, having a general view of the tasks can help other employees and managers mitigate unforeseen events and look for solutions that do not greatly affect the general functioning.
  4. Communication: Many solutions offer communication features, allowing managers to notify employees of schedule changes and employees to request time off or swap shifts.
  5. Compliance: This not only means ensuring that schedules comply with laws, regulations, and labor policies but also keeping up to date with other things such as credentials, permits, and certifications, receiving notifications when necessary, and taking action.
  6. Reporting and analytics: Data is the new king. Therefore, having updated information on how tasks are being carried out, how long they take, and so on is an excellent way to have ideas about what your business may or may not need and what improvements can be made. Some examples of this data are obtaining insights into labor costs, employee performance, and other relevant metrics.
  7. Mobile Access: Allows employees and managers to access schedules, make requests, and communicate using mobile devices.

Employee scheduling software isn’t just about filling slots on a calendar. It’s about creating a work environment where people feel valued, respected, and empowered.

How Does Resource Management’s Employee Scheduling Software Work?

At Resource Management, Inc, we offer complete HRIS software with which you can have all the advantages we have talked about and much more. You will have a complete view of your business and the needs of your employees, while your human resources team can centralize all their information and have an overview of their area.

Here are some of the features of our software.

  1. Talent management for recruiting and hiring: This feature facilitates talent management by streamlining the process of recruiting and hiring new employees and improving efficiency in identifying and selecting candidates.
  2. Full employee onboarding for payroll, HR documents, and benefits: Offer a complete onboarding process for new employees, covering everything from payroll setup to managing human resources and benefits documents, ensuring a smooth transition to the team.
  3. Payroll and W2 information: Provide comprehensive payroll management and access to key information, such as W2 forms, simplifying tasks related to paying salaries and filing taxes.
  4. Document management for handbooks and custom agreements: Facilitate the administration of business documents, including manuals and custom agreements, optimizing the organization and accessibility of crucial information for employees.
  5. Valuable reporting tools: Offer valuable reporting tools, allowing you to analyze data related to labor costs, employee performance, and other key indicators to make informed decisions.
  6. Benefit links, plan information, and a complete summary of each employee’s enrollment and costs: Centralize benefit information, useful links, plan details, and complete summaries of each employee’s enrollment and costs, simplifying benefits administration.
  7. Electronic time clock, PTO and other leave tracking system: Implement an electronic time clock and a tracking system for paid time off and other absences, facilitating the control and accounting of hours worked and vacations.
  8. Available Performance Management and Training/Learning Software: Offer software for performance management and training/learning, allowing employees to evaluate and improve their performance and facilitate their professional development through training programs.

The effective use of employee scheduling software ensures that the right people are in the right place at the right time, maximizing productivity and customer satisfaction.

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