Human Resources

Whether you have an in-house human resources department or not, it’s not likely that you have the expertise in all of the following areas: overseeing hiring and firing, employee disciplinary actions, performance evaluations, background checks, drug testing, training seminars, employee onboarding, employee handbooks, and more. Our broad range of services help employers whether you need an entire human resources department or simply want to fill in the gaps in the one you have.

  • Hiring Assistance
  • On-Line New Employee Onboarding
  • Development of Agreements
  • Dev. of Employee Handbook Policies
  • Employee Discipline & Discharge Assistance
  • Job Descriptions & Wage Surveys
  • Federal/State Employment Law Compliance
  • Worker’s Compensation Claims Supervision
  • Background Checks
  • Drug Testing Administration
  • Employee/Manager Training
  • Unemployment Claims Management